Patron : Prof. Ts. Dr. Arham Abdullah
Advisor : Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohammad Faiz Mohd Amin

: ChM. Dr. Nik Raihan Nik Yusoff

Co-Chairman : Dr. Hjh. Marinah Muhammad

: Ts. Dr. Noor Janatun Naim Jemali
: Muhammad Nizam Abdul Rahman

  • Dr. Nor Shahida Shafiee@Ismail
  • Dr. Nursufiah Sulaiman
  • Dr. Wani Sofia Udin
  • Nurul Izzati Mohamad
  • Nur Hidayah Hasan
  • Sharifah Aisyah Syed Omar
Scientific Committee
  • Dr. Muhammad Azahar Abas
  • Dr. Norrimi Rosaida Awang
  • Dr. Nurul Syazana Abdul Halim
  • Dr. Marieanne Christie Leong
Program Book and
Abstract Book
  • Dr. Wong Hie Ling
  • Dr. Noorzamzarina Sulaiman
  • Dr. Nor Shahirul Umirah Idris
  • Mohamad Fikri Samsudin
Technical, Publicity and
  • Ts. Dr. Shaparas Daliman
  • Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Karim
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azwadi Sulaiman
  • Nurul Adila Mohamad Zamri
Virtual Session, Exhibition
and Competition
  • Dr Nazahatul Anis Amaludin
  • Nur Kyariatul Syafinie Abdul Majid
  • Ehsan Shazali Rashim
  • Hairuladzhar Mohd Hamdi
  • Mohd Hafriez Aiman Ibrahim
  • Mohd Al Azam Mat Razi
  • Mat Faizal Mat Hassan@Yusuf
  • Ahmad Saiful Saluddin
  • Mohd Khairul Aizuddin Razali
Gift and e-Cert
  • Siti Aisyah Nawawi
  • ChM. Dr. Rozidaini Mohd Ghazi
  • Rohazaini Muhammad Jamil
  • Mohammed Firdaus Mohd Ridzuan
The allocated seats are only for 100 participants. They are now already fully occupied. If you still interested to join this conference, you can [register] as usual, but the seat is not guaranteed. Should be any vacancy we will inform you.

For international participants, we still have some remaining available seats. You can register [here].


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Program Book Abstract Book
ProgramBook abstractBook

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