Topics include, but not limited to the following themes:

  1. Environment
    - Mineral & Geology
    - Climate
    - Forestry
    - Wildlife Management
    - Environmental Technology
    - Biotechnology
    - Environmental Modelling
    - Environmental Economic
    - Geohazard
  2. Sustainability
    - Sustainability of Economics
    - Environmental Sustainability
    - Environmental Pollution and Waste Management
    - Ecosystem Services and tourism
    - Natural-resource-based Products
    - Agriculture
    - Aquaculture
  3. Social & Management
    - Socio-cultural Sustainability
    - Environmental Social Impact
    - Institutional & Policy
    - Environmental Governance & Law
The allocated seats are only for 100 participants. They are now already fully occupied. If you still interested to join this conference, you can [register] as usual, but the seat is not guaranteed. Should be any vacancy we will inform you.

For international participants, we still have some remaining available seats. You can register [here].


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